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Mobile Truck Mechanics, Battery Inspection & Replacement, Brakes & Brake Pad Replacement, etc.

Welcome to Affordable Mobile Mechanics Chula Vista, Your One-Stop-Shop For All Things Mobile Auto Service, Diagnostics, and Repair in Chula Vista, CA

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Introducing Affordable Mobile Mechanics, the new best buddy of your car! We are a friendly group of skilled mechanics who will travel to you and your wheels wherever you are. With a wink and a smile, our dependable team handles anything from stealthy leaks to cranky engines.

You won't experience the dreaded auto repair and shop drama with us, but you will receive the outstanding service your vehicle needs. Because Chula Vista's Affordable Mobile Mechanics has your back (and your car's, too), buckle up and enjoy the trip!

Our seasoned experts maintain all popular automobile and truck makes. We perform the following services:

Mobile Truck Services

Brakes & Brake Pad Replacement

Car Battery Replacement

Pre-Purchase Car Inspection

A/C Inspection & Repair

Mobile Oil Change

Emergency Auto Services & Repair

Mobile Diagnostics & Troubleshooting

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Mobile repair car diagnostics.
Changing oil mobile mechanics.

The #1 Mobile Auto Service in Chula Vista

Truck stranded on side of road. Repair.

Mobile Truck Mechanic

Affordable Mobile Mechanics of Chula Vista offers a mobile truck repair service that brings the shop to you.

Our specialists enjoy working on trucks and are eager to get yours back on the road as soon as possible. We have your rig covered, from diesel engines to heavy-duty suspensions. So, truck owners can relax knowing that their large rig is in good hands.

Call us at (619) 377-1519 to book an appointment!

Change brake pads.

Brakes & Brake Pad Replacement

Do you hate that obnoxious brake squeal? Utilize our same-day service to replace those replaces worn-out brakes and brake pads. Say goodbye to noisy and dangerous brakes and hello to calm, secure driving!

Inspect and replace the battery.

Car Battery Inspection & Replacement

Battery letting you down? Don't fret because our top-notch mobile mechanic service, Affordable Mobile Mechanics, is here to breathe new life into your car. Eliminate inconvenient battery malfunctions and welcome a fully charged battery!

There's no need to let a depleted battery ruin your day or disrupt your plans. Our skilled and experienced mobile technicians will provide a seamless, hassle-free solution. We understand the importance of a reliable vehicle and strive to ensure your car always remains ready for the road.

Pre-Purchase Car Inspection

Let us lighten the load; we are aware that navigating the used car market may be challenging. We will perform a pre-purchase vehicle check. No need to drive to a different shop after making an appointment! Our mission is to support you as you make this all-important decision!

A/C Repair

Has the air conditioning in your car turned your trip into an unplanned tropical getaway? We also know how to remedy that. Our specialists will have the temperature control on your car working again in virtually no time.


Mobile Oil Change Service

Don't you detest spending an hour changing your oil in a foul body shop? Well, no more! With our own mobile car mechanic and oil change service, Affordable Mobile Mechanics is here to spice things up. Your engine's lifeblood will flow more smoothly with us than a clever one-liner.

Emergency Auto Service & Repair

Let Affordable Mobile Mechanics save the day with our emergency auto services and repair when unexpected problems or disasters occur. Whether it has flat tires or a melted radiator, we'll get your car back on the road, smiling the entire time.

Mobile Diagnostics & Troubleshooting

Unsure where that 'clunk' sound originated? With the help of our mobile diagnostics and auto repair services, we can solve the puzzle. We'll identify those puzzling issues, give you a detailed breakdown, and ensure you're on the road as soon as possible.

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